"The Bike Riders Club"

The Bike Riders Club

The Bike Riders Club provides group rides that are guided for the members on a weekly basis.




Welcome to the Ashurst Bike Riders Club. We are a non-profit organization run by a committed group of volunteers. Our aim is to create a friendly and welcoming social network for cycling and running in the Merseyside area. Our catchment areas include St Helens, Warrington, Liverpool, Wigan and Chorley.


We stage an organized program of group rides led by trained instructors in safe and fun environment. We accept male and female riders of all ability and fitness levels as members. We also coordinate trail maintenance days and social events for our members and associated to enjoy.


We usually go out for a pub lunch and a few drinks after our riding sessions. While we are a non-profit organization, we do request that all riders contribute £5 per session so that we can pay for the safety equipment we issue to participants.


Rest assured that when you train with us you will be in excellent hands. All of our coaches are not just trained cycling instructors but also Discovery accredited personal trainer course graduates who are fully trained in health and safety and first aid. Not to mention they’re all very warm, friendly and helpful people.


We hope you decide to become a member and join us for a ride. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us first.


Cycling has for a long time been firmly integrated into British culture, not just as a sport, but as a onlinepoker247.co.uk means of transportation. It helps people improve and maintain their fitness while also helping to preserve the environment. For young people, it builds confidence and encourages independence and a liking of the outdoors.


These are the values that we aspire to in our club. We take members of all ages and skill levels, including teenagers, because we believe that cycling can enrich the lives of absolutely anybody.

Memberships and Rides

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We offer three different membership options: couples membership, standard membership and one-week guest passes. With all the exception of the guest pass, memberships are valid for an entire year. All members must be 18 years old or older. If you would like to register for membership, send us an email or show up to one of our rides and speak to a coordinator.



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Rides: Co-ed Girls Night Out & Beginner

In addition to our main rides where everyone is free to go as fast as they want, we also put on controlled rides that go at a slower pace, designed for women and elder members.

These rides are an ideal environment for people who are not yet very confident of their riding abilities to come and build up their skill and fitness while enjoying our beautiful West Coast woods.

Weekend Adventures

Every few months we stage weekend adventure rides for our most serious members. These consist of riding far into the countryside and camping overnight. We advise that these events only be undertaken if members are comfortable with uphill cycling and cycling for many hours at once.We also suggest you pack food for lunch, dinner, breakfast the following morning, and a thermos flask of hot coffee.